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Through this platform, you are able to register county residents, county projects and stakeholders.


Commnication flows from the county to the residents, or from stakeholders through the county to the residents. This is achieved through SMS, USSD, Shortcode.

Public Feedback

The public is able to respond to the county via USSD, SMS, web platform and mobile platform (Mobile application)

Real Time Analysis and Reports

We provide reports on every communication between the county and the residents.

Key Features

Self Service Portal

A portal for county residents to respond to county projects, view communication from the county and participate in different interest groups' conversatons

Agent's Portal

This is a self service portal with additional rights to register fellow residents. This right is assigned by the system administrator.

Stakeholder's Portal

This is a 3rd party portal to allow interested organizations e.g NGOs to come on board and pass information to county residents.

Administrator's Portal

This portal is comprises of the super admin (County HQ) and ward administrators in the county.

Mobile application

The mobile application brings the self service portal and the agent's portal to the residents phone for ease of use and access.


To cater for the residents without internet connection or smartphones, SMS and USSD allows the county residents to access information and communicate back

Subscribed Counties


Key Statistics

Number of Enrolled Counties 1
Number of Enrolled Citizens 288
Number of Delivered Messages 31

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